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Works used by Farwerck

In many of his books, Farwerck has extensive bibliographies. His first book (1927) has a bibliography of a whopping seven pages, his last book (1970) has a page more and a much smaller font.

These bibliographies -of course- tell us what books Farwerck knew and when. He often has very recent titles, so he kept up with what was published in his fields of interest. Also he read in a variety of languages. I intend to check these bibliographies against the time-line that can be found on this website to see if it tells me when (and because of whom?) Farwerck moved towards Germanic interests. I initially thought to make some sort of database or even just a list, but this is way too much work at the moment (even with OCR). I opted for the simple sollution: photos of the bibliographies of the books.

A thing that I do want to share first is the disclaimer printed above the bibliography of Farwerck’s last book:

Or in English:

Until about 25 years ago, the material that also we used, was usually used for political aims, to which was added, which is more important, that the conclusions often showed tendentious tendencies. These conclusions we naturally did not use, because the objective image, that we want to show, would be clouded. Of the photomaterial we did make use, because it was usually younger and sharper but we always, to verify the correctness, compared it to older material. Sometimes we opted for the older material, even when it was less sharp.

Here are 25 pages of bibliographies. Click the images for larger versions.