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More information by subject

I’m thinking of a better way to present this (without manual maintenance), but here you see aspects of Farwerck’s person I had a closer look at.
All these subjects can be found in the biography too, but sometimes I dug into details / specifics which do not fit in the biography.
Not all ‘tags’ are very fortunate. Under “acquaintances” for example, you will find people who Farwerck knew, but also people who I think (may have) inspired him in some way. “House” can be where Farwerck lived, but also information which may shed some light on where and how he lived. “Writing” can be something he actually wrote, but also a place where he published or the people he cooperated with publishing.

Acquaintances (12) Archaeology (3) Esperanto (2) Freemasonry (8) House (10) Politics (5) Relatives (5) Rotary (3) Spirituality (5) Sports (1) Theosophy (3) Work (2) Writing (10)