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Work in progress. I started with pointing to places where Farwerck took photos himself (blue pins). Now I’m adding places he mentions (purple pins). The idea is that if you go on holidays, you can see if there are any ‘Farwerck photos’ in the neighbourhood. You need to have the books to find out what photos they are to judge if they are interesting enough to try to find.

Farwerck is seldom specific enough to find the specific place where the photo is shot. Many descriptions are of the “a door in Amsterdam” type. A few times I have been able to find the specific object. If so, the location is as specific as possible and I added a photo to the pin. Oher photos that you see are automatically added by Google.

When you click on the icon in the left top corner, you can see from what book the pin is. When you use the icon in the right upper corner, you will get a full-screen map.