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Song and drawing made for Farwerck for the installation of his Rotary club (1928)

On the installation of the Rotary club in Hilversum in 1928 a song and a drawing was made for every member. The drawings are usually depictions of the members, but I doubt this is supposed to be Farwerck, rather the ‘man in the street’ from the song. The translation of the song is:

F.E. Farwerck (Melody: In the woods (Speenhoff)
Carpets (manufacturing)

Here you have a common type;
That you often see in the street;
All hung with carpets,
Which he is going to sell.
When you as about the origins
Of these fine cloths,
You will soon hear, that friend Farwerck
Manufactors them in Hilversum.

Wondrous machines
He has set up there.
Furthermore he solidly administers
Of the Rotary Club the money.
He has another hobby,
Of which I won’t tell;
With all this he is a pall.
Whom one likes to see at the club

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