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Digging into Farwerck’s final years

Earlier I wrote about Farwerck’s house where he no longer lived when he died. Did he move in with the widow of his brother and her son at Wernerlaan 41 which is close to where he lived himself? Or did he move somewhere else? And what did he do with all his possessions, such as his massive library? When you’ve lived in a villa for decades, you’re bound to have a lot of possessions. You don’t just add that to the belongings of the person whose house you move into? But then, Farwerck’s library was only auctioned two years after he passed away, so where was that library between 1967 and 1971 and when, how and to whom was it sold? These questions remain open, but looking for answers did make me have to rewrite my text about the house Caecilia and add another one about the Wernerlaan. Click on the links above.

Farwerck speaks

During my searches for information at one point I ran into an advertisement for gramophones with recordings of speeches of the National Socialist Movement. Four of these records are speeches of Farwerck.

I have searched and searched but I have no idea where I should find these records.

Today I made another attempt and suddenly thought to check if somebody perhaps put them on YouTube. That is not the case, but I did find a video which includes a video recording of a speech of Farwerck! Now finally there is a voice that comes with the photos.

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Friendly Franz

A video was found online which has features Farwerck looking friendly for a change. Click on the image for more information.

Nieuw Nederland

Amazing, another source for texts by Farwerck has surfaced. Again I didn’t make the discovery myself.

From 1934 to 1944 there was a periodical called “Nieuw Nederland”, or “New Netherlands”. This overlaps Farwerck’s N.S.B. period. The editor of the periodical was R. van Genechten who also wrote quite a few texts. Farwerck contributed only a few. One has also been released have been as separate booklets too.

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August 2020 news

A grandchild of Carl Wilhelm and Johanna sent me two photos, the first photo of C.W. that I saw! I could use them, so I put up the marriage photo of the two on their respective little bios (see links above). The other photo was a family photo that included Franz Otto, the father of Franz Eduard and Carl Wilhelm. This was a reason to also write a little bio of ‘senior‘. I finally found proof of Farwerck’s Theosophical membership, so I updated the Theosophy article a bit. I did some further digging into Farwerck’s house which made me have to update the “Who was mrs. Farwerck?” text a bit as well.

Edited Rotary

It seems that three books have been written about the Hilversum Rotary Club at three different anniversaries. The first (which I don’t have) was published in 1953, the second in 1988 and the third in 2003. Both later books seem expansions of the previous, so the last one, doesn’t add anything to the period I’m interested in (It does give more insight into Rotary in general). The 2003 book has texts from the 1988 book, but they didn’t republish them all. It seems that the same can be said about the 1988 versus 1954 book. In any case, I have edited the Rotary article a bit and added a strange image. For completeness, these are the named books. Gedenkboek Rotary Club Hilversum 1928-1953 compiled by H. Gorter (1954). Rotary Club Hilversum 1928 – 1988 by different authors (1988); Rotary Club Hilversum Lustrumbundel 1928 – 2003 by Bart Admiraal (2003). Then we have the more general book that I found (and Hoogenboom too) which I have used before: Rotary voor, tijdens en na de Tweede Wereldoorlog by D.M. Jaeger (2003).

National Archive

After the war, people who have been active in the Nationaal Socialistische Beweging (‘National Socialist Movement’, N.S.B.), have been investigated to see if they should be prosecuted. Farwerck was of course one of them.

One biography quotes from these files and it took me quite a while before I located them and then again some time before I managed to check them myself.

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New on this website

Okay, so I forget to update this category. A quick overview: July 23th I looked into the Sammlung Thule; August 7th the ‘Nehalennia crew‘; August 9th when looking for more images I found a couple of interesting things; August 18th. Wondering who lived on the alternative address of Farwerck’s publishing house I tried to find out “who was mrs. Farwerck?“; Augustus 30th I took a look at Franz’ brother; September 2nd. Finding looking into the ‘Nehalennia crew’ interesting I pointed my arrows to the Goois Museum; September 4th. Farwerck seems to have been a Sufi; Farwerck’s social ideas (6/9/19); So what exactly did Farwerck say about the Jews? (6/9/19); With whom did Farwerck start a Rotary club? (7/9/19); With whom did Farwerck start the Coué foundation? (9/9/19); Was Farwerck active within Theosophy? (12/9/19); The couple Van Meerwijk joined Farwerck on may efforts, who were they? (16/9/19); What can we find out about Farwerck’s belief? (18/9/19).

Website news

In order to not put this information in the biography or the startpage, perhaps it is an idea of some ‘blog-like’ overview of when and how I run into new information. This first post will be a bit of an overview, later on these posts will be shorter.

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