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Nederlanders welkom

Omdat er al jaren een (weinig informatieve) Nederlandse Wikipedia was over Farwerck en er andere boeken en artikelen in het Nederlands verschenen en omdat de man natuurlijk zelf ook in het Nederlands schreef, had ik vanaf het begin het idee dat ik over Farwerck wilde schrijven in het Engels om ook niet Nederlands sprekende mensen kennis te laten maken met de man. Vanaf 2019 was deze website dus volledig in het Engels.

Ik ben altijd erg tevreden geweest over het online publiceren. Ik loop nog regelmatig tegen nieuwe informatie en een website is zo bijgewerkt. Toch ontstond in februari 2023 het idee om eens te kijken naar de mogelijkheid om de informatie ook in boekvorm aan te bieden. Daar wilde ik dan wel een Nederlandse versie van, want ik verwacht niet dat een Engelstalig boek over een onbekende Nederlander heel goed zal verkopen, terwijl het me in de jaren duidelijk is geworden dat er in het Nederlands taalgebied toch best wel mensen interesse hebben in de man Farwerck en zijn werk.

Zo gezegd, zo gedaan. Ik heb diverse teksten van de website naar Word gekopieerd, er wat structuur in proberen te krijgen, herlezen en herschreven en daarna helemaal opnieuw vertaald (eerder verscheen de biografie al in het Heidens Jaarboek van de groep Nederlands Heidendom).

Het Nederlandse boekje is een stuk dunner dan het Engelse, omdat ik in het Engels titels van boeken vertaal en ik van citaten ook het Nederlands origineel geef. Kennelijk scheelt dat 8 pagina’s (!).

De teksten uit het boekje die ik naar het Nederlands heb vertaald, zijn nu ook beschikbaar op deze website via het menu bovenaan (“Nederlands/Dutch”). Het gaat om de biografie en een paar onderwerpen die in het boekje losse hoofdstukken vormen en (enigszins ironisch), de vertaling van een Engelstalig artikel dat ik ooit over Farwerck’s werk schreef gebaseerd op zijn laatste boek dat elke Nederlandstalige gewoon kan lezen.

Hoe dan ook, vanaf nu dus ook wat informatie in het Nederlands op deze website. De hoofdtaal zal echter Engels blijven.

Because almost all information about Farwerck is in Dutch (including his own writings) I wrote about him in English from the start. I also wanted non-Dutch speakers to be able to learn about the man and his work.

In February 2023 I worked on a little booklet for people who don’t like to write online; for collectors, etc. I don’t expect the English booklet to sell well, but I do think a Dutch version will have some demand.

So, I compiled a booklet from the website, rewrote and restructured the whole thing and then translated it to Dutch. These translations I added to the website, so there is also something to read for Dutch speaking visitor whose English isn’t too good.

So welcome Dutch(wo)men!

The main language of this website will remain English.

Farwerck books

I have been asked why I didn’t publish a book about Farwerck several times. The biography isn’t all that long, so it would be a very little book. Also there is still information I’m hunting for. When I find something new, I can easily edit the website, but I can’t edit a book as easily.

Still, at some point it dawned on my that I wanted to look at the possibilities. Should it come to a book, I had a few wishes. I want to have control, so not somebody looking over my shoulder saying: “I would do it this way.” Also I wanted it to be printing on demand. There are a several good points about printing on demand. First, I don’t have to pre fund the printing of books that may never be sold. Second, there are no books printed which are not sold, so no waste. Third, it is easier to edit a book should that be needed. Possible fourth, in a big company, the copies printed could even be printed as close to the buyer as possible, so less shipping is needed. Last, but certainly not least, I wanted the book to be available in print and in digital form.

So I found myself looking at Amazon’s “Kindle Direct Publishing” (KDP) which -contrary to the name- is not just for Kindle ebooks. It looked pretty straight forward. Open a KDP account, fill in some tax forms (to be able to get paid), upload a manuscript, design a cover, you can even get a free ISBN code on the fly.

Things went pretty smoothly. I copied texts from the website to Word, thought about a logical order, added a table of contents, an index and a few other typical ‘book things’. I had to reread and rewrite several times (so I need to review some texts on the website as well), but that was to be expected.

For the Kindle versions I had to make different books with a different cover. Also I wanted to make sure that all four versions would be available at the same time, so I needed to finish the Dutch versions first as well. Translating, more reading, editing, etc.

Amazon’s cover designer isn’t great, but I got roughly what I had in mind. The red is a scan of the linen cover of one of Farwerck’s books, but browning text has to remind of the gold-coloured text on Farwerck’s books. Too bad the book turned out too thin (80 pages for the English version, 72 for the Dutch) for the title to be printed on the spine though. For the Kindle cover I was less critical.

Then I was trying to figure out if I could get myself a test-print. In order to do that I had to set the price first and then I hit the “publish” button… Oops. One of the four versions was automatically sent in for a final review and I could no longe edit it… So I quickly did one more check for the other three versions and published them too. All four books were reviewed separately, so they would be available separately within the next 72 hours. Of course most of that happened during the night, so in the morning I logged in to again try to get my test print or author prints (copies against printing costs, not the price that I set). For some unknown reason, these test or author copies can’t be shipped to my address while I can make a regular order. That is something that I have to sort out with Amazon some time. Same with the Kindle versions, I can just buy them as a regular customer, but I can’t put a test version on my own Kindle.

The books are cheap. I have no need to try to make a lot of profit on them. The books look a little cheap too. The cover is a bit thin and curls up, but they’re just fine for people who like to have something on their shelves. Perhaps some time I’ll see if I can make a hardcover version as well. I have no idea if that is possible for such a thin book, but KDP does have the option.

When I got my own copies, my eye fell on a spelling error on the back of the Dutch version, argh. Good that I have “version 1.0 februari 2023” in the book. By now I have made a “version 1.1 februari 2023” which is now the version that you’ll get if you order your Dutch copy from Amazon. There’s indeed a positive point to printing on demand.

So, are you a collector, enjoy the information on this website, but prefer not to read from a computer screen, you can now buy English and Dutch books either as paperbacks or for your Kindle. Click on the covers below. Left are the paperbacks, right the Kindle versions.


Here we have a letterhead of a letter of Farwerck to Le Droit Humain just before he passed away. Look at the address! I updated the text about Wernerlaan 41.

Small thing and more homework

Checking if any new material was added to newspaper archives I found two things. One is a newspaper article with a photo that shows Kees-Jan Farwerck, one of the sons of Willy Farwerck and Johanna Borrius.

The other finding is somewhat related, because it seems to imply that “Mrs. Farwerck” may not be Kees-Jan’s wife Theodore Hoolboom.

I’ve updated the “one generation further“, added a little text to “Who was Mrs. Farwerck?” and added the text “Beethovenlaan 11“.

New source and smaller things

I found a text in a periodical that I didn’t know. Yet another place where Farwerck has published.

Recently I ran into a person named “Wick Farwerck”. Curious who this might be, it turned out to be a short name for Willem Arnaud Farwerck, a son of Carl Wilhelm Farwerck (whose own short name was Willy).

I tried to see if I could find out what schools Farwerck went to. Not much luck so far. I did slightly edit the biography with a “youth” header as I also ran into a listing of him being test for military service (Franz positive, his brother negative). I have not found out if he actually served, but I think not as he was too busy with his (and his fathers) businesses.

I’ve transcribed and translated one more text.

Small things

Yesterday I got a small pile of books. I already had them, but wanted to prevent them from getting lost. I noticed that one of the books looks different from the version that I already had:

The one on the right is the new one. Initially I thought the hard cover had been taken off, but the back has the title as well. Besides, the titles are different. The brown book has a soft cover, hardly thicker than the sheets, but it appears to be a another edition in which a strange typo of the original cover was corrected. The font is slightly different.

This book isn’t too easy to find, but I had never ran into the ‘second edition’ before at all.

New and edited

Yesterday I was lucky. Every now and then I look around a bit to see if any new information was added somewhere. When searching the digital archives at Delpher my eye soon feel on magazine titles that weren’t familiar to me. They were the monthly magazines of the Dutch Rotary Club. There proved to me many, so I tried scanning them to see what information about Farwerck would be there. This resulted in another text about the Rotary Club. There was not groundbreaking new information, but we do get to learn the man a little better again and he mentions having been abroad a few times.

There is also irony in information that becomes available over time. For a long, long time I have been trying to prove if Farwerck was a member of the Theosophical Society or not. I finally succeeded a few months back due to a very lucky shot when I ran into old American Theosophical magazines online. In my search of yesterday I found two Dutch magazines of the Theosophical Society which simply state him as leading the Hilversum lodge. I edited the Theosophy article somewhat.

A funny finding was a sports magazine in which Farwerck at the age of 16 is twice mentioned as being a member of a club that appears to have played both cricket and soccer. A not uncommon combination in 1905 by the way.

No new information, but newly added were two issues of the magazine of the Dutch vegetarian union. One mentions Farwerck joining (1918) another his resignation (1922).

I added a little text about P.M. Cochius.

I don’t yet know if it’s ‘usable’, but I also found an old elementary school publication with a short text by the 12 year old K.J. Farwerck (and a story about Balder), who married “mrs. Farwerck“. That daughter in law of C.W. Farwerck cooperated with Farwerck on his publishing house Thule and the periodical Nehalennia.

Additions to website

When rereading things to see if anything needed updating, I realised that some time after I started this website, I had short bios of some people around Farwerck and short texts specifically about some subject. These were mostly because I had discovered new things, but I didn’t do the same for information that I already had in the biography when this website was launched. Yet, some people and subjects deserve a little more attention, so I started to add some texts.

For starters:

Digging into Farwerck’s final years

Earlier I wrote about Farwerck’s house where he no longer lived when he died. Did he move in with the widow of his brother and her son at Wernerlaan 41 which is close to where he lived himself? Or did he move somewhere else?

And what did he do with all his possessions, such as his massive library? When you’ve lived in a villa for decades, you’re bound to have a lot of possessions. You don’t just add that to the belongings of the person whose house you move into? But then, Farwerck’s library was only auctioned two years after he passed away, so where was that library between 1967 and 1971 and when, how and to whom was it sold?

These questions remain open, but looking for answers did make me have to rewrite my text about the house Caecilia and add another one about the Wernerlaan. Click on the links above.