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National Archive

After the war, people who have been active in the Nationaal Socialistische Beweging (‘National Socialist Movement’, N.S.B.), have been investigated to see if they should be prosecuted. Farwerck was of course one of them.

One biography quotes from these files and it took me quite a while before I located them and then again some time before I managed to check them myself.

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New on this website

Okay, so I forget to update this category. A quick overview:

  • July 23th I looked into the Sammlung Thule;
  • August 7th the ‘Nehalennia crew‘;
  • August 9th when looking for more images I found a couple of interesting things;
  • August 18th. Wondering who lived on the alternative address of Farwerck’s publishing house I tried to find out “who was mrs. Farwerck?“;
  • Augustus 30th I took a look at Franz’ brother;
  • September 2nd. Finding looking into the ‘Nehalennia crew’ interesting I pointed my arrows to the Goois Museum;
  • September 4th. Farwerck seems to have been a Sufi;
  • Farwerck’s social ideas (6/9/19);
  • So what exactly did Farwerck say about the Jews? (6/9/19);
  • With whom did Farwerck start a Rotary club? (7/9/19);
  • With whom did Farwerck start the Coué foundation? (9/9/19);
  • Was Farwerck active within Theosophy? (12/9/19);
  • The couple Van Meerwijk joined Farwerck on may efforts, who were they? (16/9/19);
  • What can we find out about Farwerck’s belief? (18/9/19).