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Torenlaan 8

I don’t remember where I found it, but I have a photo or scan of a hand written letter of Farwerck in which he asks the local government permission for the expansion of Torenlaan No. 8 where he lives.

This address is all the way across Hilversum, but only halfway between the Emmastraat and Beethovenlaan 11.

The letter is dated 24 september 1921. Farwerck’s mother had passed away a year before, his father would live for another nine years. Did he want some space of his own? Torenlaan 8 is not exactly a tiny apartment. As a matter of fact, nowadays two addresses have replaced this particular address, Torenlaan 26 and 28. Two separate houses of about a million euros. It could also be that this house of Farwerck no longer exists and was replaced by two others.

I have actually found the exact permit of Farwerck’s request. It has got a ground plan of the house, old and new situation.

This is all information I could rattle up. No phonebook entries with this address or anything, so I can’t say how long Farwerck lived there and if he lived there alone. One funny thing though, a newspaper add for a Theosophical training by Farwerck in 1918, register at Torenlaan 1a.

Mystery partly solved

In 1919 (or late 1918) Farwerck’s Masonic lodge bought Torenlaan 8 as is mentioned in the Bulletin of the Dutch federation of Le Droit Humain. Initially no restructuring was needed. It remains a bit weird that Farwerck writes that he lives there. It was just a house, so I suppose the lodge-room was in the former living room or so and then there was of course the rest of the house. The mortgage for the house was carried by several members of the lodge Christiaan Rosencreutz.


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