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George Zorab (1898-1990)

The first time I ran into the name of Zorab was when I found that correspondence between him and Willy Farwerck is the Dutch Royal Library. A “parapsychologist”. Recently, I ran into Zorab again, when I was looking on information on the Denier van der Gon family. A member of this family had been, just as Zorab before him, one of the editors of a parapsychological periodical. So who was this Zorab?

He made some name. There is a very short Dutch Wikipedia article about him. More information can be found online here and there, mostly in Dutch.

George Avetoom Marterus Zorab was born in the Dutch Indies from Armenian parents. When George was 11, his parents moved to Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Later he travelled Europe and in the 1930’s picked up in interest in parapsychology. Mostly with a scientific apporach. Besides his correspondence with Willy Farwerck, the Royal Library houses Zorab’s former library which contains thousands of titles and extensive correspondence.

In 1925 Zorab married Amalia Sophia Maria Louisa Theodora (“Maaltje” for short) Lorch (1901-1976). The couple had no children.

Zorab wrote for several and very different magazines and other publications. Also he wrote books.

As I said, he did make a bit of a name. Apparently he somewhat moved in the same circles as the Farwerck and Denier van der Gon families which may indicate that these also felt more for a more scientific approach to certain subjects.

Zorab passed away in 1990, 102 years old!

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