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Het sportblad

I had only vague references that Franz Farwerck did something with horses, just like other members of his family. Now I run into a periodical called “Het Sportblad” (‘the sports magazine’) in which Farwerck is listed twice.

The first six pages are about soccer, Dutch sports number one. Then there is a strange divider and there follows a member list:

Note the fourth line from the bottom on the left. “J. H. Wijsman, F. E. Farwerck, members of Volharding (‘perseverance’), Amsterdam”.

I am not 100% what “N.V.B.” is, but I would be surprised if this is not the soccer union. The next page is about soccer again, so this almost certainly is about soccer. So was Farwerck a player or a staff member….?

“Volharding” is again mentioned a bit further and again Farwerck’s name is mentioned.

Now the header of this part says “Amsterdam Cricket-League”. A team named “Volharding” has played against two other teams (both lost) and one team is listed as “N.V.B.”, the other as “A.V.B.”. So the N.V.B. is not a predecessor of the current Dutch soccer union K.N.V.B.? The answer to that question is that around 1900 there appear to have been cricket associations that also had soccer teams in order to be able to play another game at other days. For soccer much less material was needed, so this was an easy gain. Over time soccer became more popular than cricket itself.

“Het Sportblad” is from 1905, so Farwerck was 16 at the time. I can imagine at that age someone could be a sportsman.

So cricket or soccer?


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