Wernerlaan 41

In my initial investigations into Emmastraat 58, the address where Farwerck lived most of his life, I had come to the temporary conclusion that the address on his mourning advertisement, Wernerlaan 41 where Johanna Farwerck-Borrius and one son lived at the time, might have been the former coach house. Looking further, this is nearly impossible for several reasons.

Emmastraat 58 initially seems to have had a lot of ground, see the maps in the other article. Large enough for a coach house to be built in 1898. In that coach house, the family Farwerck housed its personnel and later two sons of Willy Farwerck and Johanna Farwerck-Borrius moved in. This coach house is sometimes listed as Emmastraat 58, sometimes as Emmastraat 60. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out where exactly this coach house was built.

Just before the Farwerck family moved into the Emmastraat, new roads were laid and houses were build alongside it. The plot that came with the Emmastraat was probably suddenly much smaller. One of these new roads is Wernerlaan, so my guess was that this new road ran along the coach house which in the end got its own address.

Looking at this cadastral map from 1952 makes this very unlikely. If the green bit was Farwerck’s garden, Wernerlaan 41 would have been in either of the parcels below the left tip of the green parcel. That would mean that already in 1952, the parcel of Emmastraat 58 would have been cut up and it is likely that if there was a building that, it got its own address at that time.

Wernerlaan 41 was built as a double villa in 1919 (1), so this theory makes no sense. In 1920 there lived a miss Verschuijl at 41. In 1927 there lived a miss Lettinga who got married in 1948, still living at that address.

Plot information of today has Wernerlaan 41 on a way different plot than 58. Noticeable by the way that 58 is listed (and 60 is not!).

I think we can safely say that Wernerlaan 41 can’t be the (new) address of the coach house.

What I now need to find is when Johanna and her son moved to the Wernerlaan. My guess is, when the school bought the villa in 1967. Also, did Farwerck move in there too to spend his last years?

(1) ‘t Gooi.info (accessed 24/02/2021


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