What happened to Farwerck’s library?

Some thing occurred to me. In my text about Farwerck’s house, I mention that the neighbouring school bought Farwerck’s house in 1967. He only passed away in 1969, so he had to move elsewhere. This elsewhere appears to have been a house close to his garden.

When Farwerck passed away, the main contact address was Wernerlaan 41 (see mourning advertisement) and his brother’s widow and one of their sons as main contact. Does that mean that Farwerck lived there? Mentioned separately, but also living in Hilversum are Willy Farwerck’s son K.J. Farwerck and his wife Th.W.C. Farwerck-Hoolboom. Hoolboom was involved in some of Farwerck’s activities (Thule and Nehalennia).

Could Farwerck have moved in with the widow of his brother or with a son of his brother?

It must have been quite an ordeal to move the contents of a villa into a another house in which other people already lived. It was not likely to be very empty. Perhaps Farwerck sold much of his possessions, but apparently not his library, as this was only auctioned in 1971.

This is a bit strange though. Even is Farwerck moved in with family late 1967 and he died in March 1969 he would have lived there for a year or a year and a half. You would expect ‘stuff to settle’ in that time. But how and why did the family decide to get rid off the library a year after Farwerck’s passing? Money problems? Making room? Perhaps the library has been stored boxed up at the attic all this time? The auction listed 1526 items, so that’s not just a box of books (and perhaps not all books were auctioned). What exactly happened?

Also I’d love to find out why and how this auction came to be and where all these items went.


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