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What happened to Farwerck’s library?

Something occurred to me. In my text about Farwerck’s house, I mention that the neighbouring school bought Farwerck’s house in 1967. He only passed away in 1969, so he had to move elsewhere. This elsewhere appears to have been a house close to his garden.

When Farwerck passed away, the main contact address was Wernerlaan 41 (see obituary) and his brother’s widow and one of their sons as main contact. Does that mean that Farwerck lived there? Mentioned separately, but also living in Hilversum are Willy Farwerck’s son K.J. Farwerck and his wife Th.W.C. Farwerck-Hoolboom. Hoolboom was involved in some of Farwerck’s activities (Thule and Nehalennia).

Could Farwerck have moved in with the widow of his brother or with a son of his brother? Johanna Farwerck certainly did handle things after Farwerck’s passing. It is her address on the obituary. A “Mrs. Farwerck” living at that very address was also the person who offered Farwerck’s books at an auction in May 1971.

It must have been quite an ordeal to move the contents of a villa into a another house in which other people already lived. The house was not likely to be very empty.

How big would the library have been anyway. In 1945 the Gestapo raided Farwerck’s house and took 800 out of 1200 books with them according to the police report that Farwerck filed. He may not have had to miss them long. The Nazis stored the goods they confiscated and during the liberation both the Russian and the Americans on their turn confiscated these goods. The Russians returned the archives in the 1980’ies. In one such box I found Farwerck’s date of initiation.
Online a list can be found of the Offenbach archival depot which were taken by the Americans. This list (1, 2) contains Farwerck’s books (and those of the Theosophical Society which may be interesting to see). I don’t know if these goods were immediately returned or if they were returned later or not at all.

Therefor it is hard to say how big the library would have been in 1967 when the house was sold. Of course he would have had again two decades to buy new ones. Or to sell them… Only 187 of his books were sold at the mentioned auction.

Why and how did the family decide to get rid off the library three years after Farwerck’s passing? Money problems? Making room? Perhaps the library has been stored boxed up at the attic all this time? The auction listed 1526 items, only 187 were Farwerck’s, but I own books with Farwerck ex-libris which are not on the list. These could have been sold earlier (1967 for example) or were not special enough for the auction and sold through other channels


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