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As I have mentioned several times, Franz Farwerck is sometimes said to live in Rotterdam. This question just might be answered by what follows.

The above comes from an online archive of Amsterdam. The date is the date that Franz was written out from Amsterdam with… an address in Rotterdam! I don’t know if your ability to read this is better than mine, but as nowadays Rotterdam has a Goudsesingel, my guess is that the above says Goudschesl. Numbers 6-8? Nowadays 1-14 share an entrance and they are located above some shops.

Rotterdam archives have another address as well:

So, Franz moved to Rotterdam age 20. That’s that! Not entirely. The first image above comes from a line of the complete Farwerck family, Franz Otto, Struve, Franz and Willy. The other three are written out to the Emmastraat in Hilversum per 1 May 1914.

This is quite remarkable, as we saw Franz Otto was already working on a carpet factory in Hilversum in 1912. Perhaps it took the family a couple of years to adjust the villa to their needs.

There is another thing. Just above the line of the Farwerck family, there is another line which has only Franz and Willy. There is says that at 17 April 1916 Franz moved to Hilversum. Strange that Amsterdam has this registration and they even have it listed before the move to Rotterdam, but this could mean that Franz has lived in Rotterdam from 1909 until 1916.

Rotterdam has him move to Hilversum already in 1913 though.

This is a bit unlikely though, since the rest of the family only moved to Hilversum in 1914 according to the Amsterdam records.

Now there is another remarkable thing. Franz Otto has a few addresses listed in Amsterdam and then he apparently moved to Hilversum, but we did see that he had business in Rotterdam together with Anton Kemper (he appears to have lived with Kemper when he first came to the Netherlands too). This would have been brown coal and Franz Eduard supposedly was director of a brown coal factory at the age of 20, so it seems likely that this was the reason that he temporarily moved to Rotterdam. Just as with other factories, Franz senior and junior probably managed the factory together.

Here we have the most likely scenario for the fact that Rotterdam is sometimes mentioned in connection to Franz Eduard.


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