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Nieuw Nederland

Amazing, another source for texts by Farwerck has surfaced. Again I didn’t make the discovery myself.

From 1934 to 1944 there was a periodical called “Nieuw Nederland”, or “New Netherlands”. This overlaps Farwerck’s N.S.B. period. The editor of the periodical was R. van Genechten who also wrote quite a few texts. Farwerck contributed only a few. One has also been released have been as separate booklets too.

The publisher of Nieuw Nederland was Nenasu, or Nederlandsche Nationaal-Socialistische Uitgeverij (Dutch National-Socialist Publishers), the publishing house of the National Socialist Movement.

The periodical was subtitled “maandblad voor economie, staatkunde en cultuur” or ‘monthly magazine for economics, politics and culture’. It was a somewhat odd periodical with lengthy economic and political articles and here and there something ‘cultural’. The latter often fitted the interests of the National Socialist Movement.

As being a war time periodical, it can be found online. It was quite a tedious job to open them all and see if there is something by Farwerck. In most cases not entire issues seem to be scanned. The archive has dates, but no references to year and issue, so my list looks a bit odd:

Het Volksche Element In Het Nationaal Socialisme (‘the folkish element in National-Socialism’ as F. van Schoping (15/3/1937), in the same year also published in a separate booklet by the same publisher

De Wolfsangel (‘Wolf trap’) as F. Farwerck (15/6/1938)

Nomadenaard En Boerenaard (‘Nomad nature and farmers nature’) as Farwerck (15/12/1939)

Ex Oriente Lux Of Noorder Licht? (‘Ex Oriente Lux (the light from the East) or Northern Light?’) as F. v. Schoping (15/12/1940)

De Wereld, Een Heilige Orde (‘The world, a sacred order’). This text is signed “v. S.” which could be “Van Schoping”. The text and presentation are in Farwerck’s style. (15/8/1943)

Carnaval-Gebruiken (‘Carnival usages’) as F. van Schoping (15/4/1944)

The bibliography has been updated.


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