One generation further

I’ve said it a few times before, Farwerck’s brother Carl Wilhelm and his wife Johanna had three sons. One of them remains interesting, so I quickly looked at the three to see what would come up.

Otto Hans Farwerck was born in 1922. In the mourning ad of his father (1964), he seems to be listed as living with his mother. His brothers lived in Nîmes (France) and Hilversum, but the way the latter is presented, K.J. probably lived on another address. I can’t find much about Otto Hans. He passed away in 1998.

Willem Arnoud was born in 1925. As we saw above, in 1964 he lived in Nîmes. Of W.A. I’ve found a little more information. As you can see above, his wife is called Ch. Joëssel and he seems to four children (Johanna Danielle, Cyril Hans, Rémy Willem and Dorothée Colette, the daughters had five and four children respectively). Joëssel appears to be his second wife, since in 1955 W.A. married a baroness called Wera van Boeltzig van Strenglin. The marriage took place in Hilversum, but the couple immediately moved to France (Bazincourt).

Within 10 years the wife is called Joëssel, but the first marriage seems to explain how W.A. ended up in France. When his mother dies, W.A. lived in Bagnols s/Cèze.

Before his first marriage Willem made the papers a few times with horse-riding, something that seems to have run in the family.
W.A. passed away in 2014 and had four children all living in France.

The most interesting of the three is Kees Jan who was born in 1930. He studied law. He married “mrs. Farwerck” in December 1958. What is noticeable, this seems to have taken place in Rotterdam

Not too long later Kees Jan lived in Hilversum. I suppose his appointment as one of the directors Veneta had something to do with this. This took place in December 1964, the year that his father died. He was appointed together with H.A.M. de Wit, who seems to be an heir of another family within the business. This strengthens the question in what capacity Farwerck remained active in Veneta after he was laid off in 1945. It can hardly be a coincidence that Kees Jan just happened to be appointed.
In any case, K.J.’s directorship didn’t last too long. Already in 1972 problems started to rise because of some economic miscalculations of the two directors, then there is the story of the prevented take-over and the bankruptcy of 1978.

That said, Kees Jan’s wife seems to have been active in Farwerck’s Thule publishing house and the Nehalennia periodical. It also seems that Farwerck spent the last year of his life living with the Farwerck-Hoolboom couple, so the contacts must have been as good as with his brother’s son and his wife.

This couple has four children one of them reaches the news every once in a while.


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