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Farwerck the photographer

In the biography I say that for a long time Farwerck travelled a lot for his work and he used the occasions to make photographs that later appeared in his books. Then I thought to see if he gives sources for his images to check if this is true. He does.

In his final work, Farwerck has two-and-a-half pages with sources for his images. This list contains book titles and then the numbers for the images that he used are mentioned. So you get for example: “Richard Beitl Deutsche Volkskunde, Berlin 1933: 49, 61” Yes I said two-and-a-half pages with such lines, so that are a lot of sources. One such line is for Farwerck himself. 15 Images out of 265 are photos shot by himself. A line up, two photos of “F. de Fremery, Hilversum” are mentioned.

So I guess it is safe to say that Farwerck did not travel extensively to make his own shots. These 15 photos, where were they shot anyway? All are shot in the Netherlands, none abroad. Both photos by De Fremery are taken in France. This raises the suggestion that Farwerck may have been more of an ‘armchair traveller’ than I thought.

In his most ‘image based’ book Levend Verleden (‘Living past’) from 1938, 482 images are numbered. At the end, sources for 70 of them are given. This suggests that the other 412 images are from Farwerck. These are not all photos, also quite a few simple line-drawings. A quick scan shows that again all photos are taken in the Netherlands. Perhaps Farwerck did not mix business with ‘pleasure’ (/ other interests) that much and he took his photos during trips through his own country. Perhaps I should make a map with locations to see if the locations cluster.

The mention of De Fremery above may give another lead for the biography by the way. He is also one of the editors of Nehalennia (see biography). A quick search gave as likely ‘candidate’ a Frank de Fremery, who was born in Bussum in 1898 and passed away in Hilversum in 1973 (another source says that he died in 1940!). Hilversum, Farwerck’s hometown. De Fremery was a technical engineer, with some high function. A likely acquaintance for Farwerck. The name De Fremery also appears in the membership lists of the early Le Droit Humain, but this was not Frank. I have not yet found more information about this person.

In 1967 Farwerck donated a 800 piece photo collection to a museum.


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