Coué foundation

In 1924 Farwerck was involved in yet another activity, a foundation to spread the ideas of Emile Coué (1857-1926). “King of the subconciousness” Coué himself came to Hilversum to speak. Farwerck, chairman of the new foundation, also spoke at that gathering.

In a shorter newspaper article other names involved in this foundation are mentioned. Some will start to sound familiar. Emil Luden (1863-1942) was another of the founders of the Goois Museum. J.L.C. van Meerwijk (1873-1948) was a familiar of Farwerck on several other occasions, Theosophy Freemasonry, Sufism.

There was another news article about the foundation and this one gives many more names. Most notably C.W. Farwerck. A long, long list follows:

J. Helder (Den Haag), C.W.Th. van den Brandhof (Den Haag), A.J. van den Brandhof-Dekker (Den Haag), D. de Clercq (Noordwijk), A. de Clercq-van Weel (Haarlem), M.L. Diemont-Luden (Ginneken), G.W. Eekhout (Amsterdam). A.G. Eekhout-van Andringa de Kempenaer (A’dam), G. Espeet (Bussum), Grenfell-Besse van Ittersum (Brummen), L.S. van den Heuvel tot Beichlingen gezegd Bartolotti Rijnders-Dijkhoff (Den Haag) Paul Hugenholtz van Heemstra (Den Haag), G. Posthumus Meyes (Ellekom) H.O. Posthumus Meyes-Hovy (Ellekom), J.T.J. Noyon-Neurdenberg (Ellekom), S. van Olden-Westenberg (Den Haag), Besse Schimmelpenninck van der Oije-Huyssen van Kattendijke (Doorn), F. Teding van Berkhout sr (Haarlem), S.W. Teding van Berkhout van Taack.

So how big exactly was this foundation? The newspaper article also mentions the professions of some people. Quite some high-placed people and again also some nobility.

Besides the ones I already mentioned most names are new. Well, not all. Two times “de Clerq” is mentioned. In 1939/40 Farwerck and the oldest daughter of poet René de Clerq started an organisation to safe the poets legacy. This oldest daughter was called Elza and lived in St. Niklaas, Belgium, so perhaps (distant) relatives?

Farwerck must have had quite a network for all his projects with not the least people.


  1. Hi,
    You haven’t mentioned Josephine (Phine) Maria Johanna Petronella Simonis (*1885) in your article about Coue. In November 1923 she takes lectures in Nancy at his school. After she returns, Coue is invited to Hilversum (where she lives).

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