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Okay, so I forget to update this category. A quick overview:

  • July 23th I looked into the Sammlung Thule;
  • August 7th the ‘Nehalennia crew‘;
  • August 9th when looking for more images I found a couple of interesting things;
  • August 18th. Wondering who lived on the alternative address of Farwerck’s publishing house I tried to find out “who was mrs. Farwerck?“;
  • Augustus 30th I took a look at Franz’ brother;
  • September 2nd. Finding looking into the ‘Nehalennia crew’ interesting I pointed my arrows to the Goois Museum;
  • September 4th. Farwerck seems to have been a Sufi;
  • Farwerck’s social ideas (6/9/19);
  • So what exactly did Farwerck say about the Jews? (6/9/19);
  • With whom did Farwerck start a Rotary club? (7/9/19);
  • With whom did Farwerck start the Coué foundation? (9/9/19);
  • Was Farwerck active within Theosophy? (12/9/19);
  • The couple Van Meerwijk joined Farwerck on may efforts, who were they? (16/9/19);
  • What can we find out about Farwerck’s belief? (18/9/19).