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Hunting for images

On the hunt for new images I found a few interesting things. I found the first photo of Farwerck not in his function at the NSB known to me. On that photo Franz is sided by his father and I happened to also run into a good photo of his father.

What I also found, was a newspaper advertorial for gramophone records with recordings of speeches from the 1934 gathering of the NSB.

Which made me think: if there are audio recordings of this gathering, would there also be video footage? In that case there might be moving images of Farwerck and perhaps even his voice. It proves that the NSB itself made a video in 1936 which can be found on Youtube.

When Mussert enters the stage at 15:03, we see a man that is most probably Farwerck.

He has the papers for his own speech in his pocket. Unfortunately the speech itself is not part of the film.

At 23:10 and 23:20 we see a man who looks a lot like Farwerck:

The same beard, the same expression, even the same posture, but then totally grey. Could this be Farwerck a few years down the line? The image on the right is shot at Heiligerberg. A little digging proves that this took place at the same day as the massive gathering in the spring in 1934, so that can hardly be Farwerck. The man proves to be Anton van Vessem (1887–1966). This is actually funny. I knew the name as Van Vessem is sometimes mentioned as being a friend of Farwerck’s. It must have been quite a sight these two clones together, one grey (but only two years older) and one not.

Something else. One historical website has this photo:

and says that Farwerck is on it. The photo has a high enough resolution to zoom in and have a better look at the faces, but I can’t find Farwerck. The only bearded person is almost exactly in the middle and my guess is that this is again Van Vessem. The photo is from 1940, the year that Farwerck was removed from the NSB, so even if he still was a member when this photo was taken, it was regarded that he would better not be on it.

The advertised gramophones prove not to be too easy to find… The search did lead me to magazine that the NSB published to commemorate the 1935 Landdag gathering and this booklet has a photo of Farwerck giving his lecture:

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