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In order to not put this information in the biography or the startpage, perhaps it is an idea of some ‘blog-like’ overview of when and how I run into new information. This first post will be a bit of an overview, later on these posts will be shorter.

I used to have an article called “A Closer Look Of F. Farwerck” on my main website. This was somewhere in 2008 or 2009. In 2010 a short biography was published in an online magazine. The ‘closer look’ grew until in 2015 I decided to rewrite it and turn in more into a biography. By the time I also had a quite extensive bibliography which I put in the text too.

My sources are listed in the notes of the biography. Below is from after -say- 2018.

Besides what I gathered I was notified of an article about Farwerck and another person (see note 1 of the biography) in the summer of 2018 which caused some rewriting. Late 2018 I finally managed to get access to the closed archive of Le Droit Humain which brought the possibility to take a much closer look at Farwerck’s Masonic carreer. There I found that Farwerck was initiated in 1911 and not in 1918 as the Dutch Wikipedia has it or 1919, Hoogenboom. I am unsure where this information came from, but I think at some point somebody thought to know the information and the rest (me too initially) just copied it.
There still may be more information in the archive of Le Droit Humain, but a physical archive is not easy to investigate.

Early 2019 I heard about the book about “Kapitein Bellen” (see note 5 of the biography) in which Farwerck is shortly mentioned.

When I was putting this website together I was going through the information that I have gathered over the years to see if there was something for the image galleries. This made me reread some other things too. A magazine celebrating the 50th aniversery of the museum that he co-founded with a bit of history and an interview with an old employer who has met Farwerck, but more importantly, an anual report of an archeological group which lists books of Farwerck that I never heard of. This led to some other new information too. I also read some information about his war-time more attentively and online I found the third -to me- known photo of Farwerck that now graces the welcome page of this website.

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