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he man F.E. (Franz Eduard) Farwerck (1889-1969) somehow fascinates me. He was a successful businessman, had a wide interest in history and folklore, used to be member of a mixed gender Masonic organisation, seems to have contact with quite some (spiritually) progressive people and, most famously (and least interestingly), was a member of the Dutch National Socialist movement for about eight years. He was both a fortuitous person, but he also suffered great losses. In spite of the latter, he tirelessly kept working on what he appears to have seen as his life’s work: showing that there have been initiations in Northern Europe just like in the South and that elements of these Northern European mysteries survive in Freemasonry.

Because the man wrote only in Dutch, his ideas and the information he gathered are not easily accessible for many people. Besides, his political years are massively overexposed in all information that you find on him. Also, because his theory is quite unique and because the waterfall of information is unique, I have been writing about Franz Farwerck for many years. In English so that more people can learn a bit about the man and his theories. I used to write on my main website, but have also published in other places (online and in print). I keep running into new information, so I started an ever growing biography in 2015.

Because I also started to write texts that were not strictly biographical and this became too much to weave through the rest of my website, I decided to make a separate Farwerck website in the summer of 2019. This way it became easier to present the information.

From the start this website has been more biographical than showing Farwerck’s theories, but when the information I still want to look up starts to dry up, this may change.

To write this website I try to read as much of the man as possible. Much of what he wrote is hard to find and I keeping finding new places where he published. (I assume I’ll have found most of it by now, but there are still publications that I know of, but which I don’t possess yet.) This made a list with publications which was getting much bigger than any bibliography of Farwerck that I know, so there is also a bibliography here. Also I have been combing through newspaper archives, the world wide web and other sources of information. The result is the most extensive biography available so far (as far as I know), but still very limited. There just is not a whole lot of information of the man.

You often see the surname spelled Frans, but Franz is correct. During the war the spelling Fahrwerck is sometimes used for his last name. The last name is sometimes spelled “Farwick”. Initials differ as well.

You can choose any of the subjects below. The biography remains the most logical start though.

Franz Farwerck Frans Farwerck F.E. Farwerck FE Farwerck Fahrwenck